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Sandra Baldwin It Is Well Inspection Water Testing Disinfection Saratoga Fulton Montgomery Warren Washington Rennselaer Albany Schenectady CountI am often asked, “how did (a girl like) you get into the well business”?  Well, if you told me a decade ago that I would be starting a well inspection company, I would have thought you had a couple tools missing from your tool bag.  But life is weird…


My husband and I met in college in the Fall of 1999.  I was studying to be a Dietitian and he was going for Hydrogeology.  I went on to grad school, then practiced Dietetics for 8 years at a few different places.  As it turns out, I enjoyed Nutrition, I just didn’t enjoy trying to get other people to like it.


Around the time I was considering a career change, my husband’s parents (the owners of his company) were discussing retirement.  My husband needed help and we knew that I was the right person for the job.  I already had a little experience in the drilling field because he and I would often talk about his work and I would visit him on job sites, but we used to joke that our ideas of septic were very different; I certainly had a mountain of information to learn.   So, I studied like crazy to sit for the 4 exams to become certified as a Well Driller and Pump Installer and was certified for both within 2 years of starting at the company.  This was no easy feat for me as I was coming from a completely different field and the passing rate is <50%.  Interestingly, there are less than 15 certified women in the U.S. – 6 in New York.


I was often sent to do the flow tests and well disinfection services for the company and found that I really enjoyed doing them.  I also really enjoyed the one on one time with the customers, helping them to learn more about their well and pump systems.  After a few years working with the family, it was evident that some separation between our personal and professional lives would be a good thing.  My husband and I noted that there seemed to be a niche for well inspection services and we started to look seriously into it.


It has been my experience that there can be buyer’s remorse when it comes to owning a well – generally when there is lack of experience in owning one, or when there wasn’t a flow-requirement for the inspection.  I can’t tell you how many calls I have received about having no water and the owner has no idea what kind of well they have or even where it is located.  I want to help them! (Preferably before there is a problem.)  It is my goal that any home owner that wants to know more about their private well, gets accurate information and appropriate recommendations for remediation, when needed, that meet Department of Health code.  Private wells are not scary – they are safe and adequate sources of potable water.  However, as with anything mechanical, there is maintenance and a life-span, and better understanding of the well can help to make a no-water situation less stressful.


So, like I said, life is weird.  I grew up on Long Island, never even knowing what a well was, and life led me to my wonderful driller of a husband, who is always caring and supportive of me.  And now, I am a CWD/PI who is jumping off the deep end by starting a well inspection company.  I always knew that I am an educator at heart, but I had no idea that my life goal would involve supporting and educating home owners about their well systems.  Life is pretty cool.


Sandra Baldwin, MS, CWD/PI

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